Principal's Welcome,

Welcome to St. Jude School! I am proud to say that I am a graduate of St. Jude School and now have the blessed opportunity to serve as principal of this fine institution. In 1953 St. Jude School opened under the guidance of our pastor Rev. Edward P. Nolan and my community, the Sisters of Christian Charity.

St. Jude School heralds the Good News of Jesus…and in doing so carries out the evangelical mission of St. Jude Parish and of the Universal Church.  Within the environment of faith and prayer, students hear God’s call….they have the opportunity to respond, to spread the good news to others and to transform the world through love, service and justice. 


Sister Ellen Fischer, SCC

Our Belief Statement

St. Jude School believes that...

  • God is at the heart of who we are and all we do

  • Every student is a child of God and is treated with love and respect

  • Faith formation is a continuous collaboration among the school, family, and community.

  • Instruction and assessment provides for the diverse needs and abilities of all students

  • Children thrive in a learning environment where they are encouraged to be independent and self-motivated individuals

  • A strong academic program helps children increase their ability to achieve their fullest potential in this ever-changing world.

  • Each child is entitled to a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a positive self-image and challenges each of them toward academic success.

  • Our students are called to be responsible citizens serving their school, parish, local, and global communities.

School  Mission Statement

We at St. Jude School are a family committed to living the Gospel by nurturing and challenging our children to develop their abilities to achieve academic and personal excellence through a diverse educational program that prepares our students to be productive members and leaders of a global community.

Diocesan Mission Statement

Diocese of Scranton Catholic Schools Mission Statement

“We, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Scranton, are committed to educate students and their families in the Catholic faith. We provide a Catholic education that is spiritually sound and academically excellent. We strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life-long learners dedicated to serving the church and society.”