Mrs. Capaci


Language Arts Story: 

   Farfallina and Marcel                                 New words!!!                     

                                                                                did, sit, him, big, six,

                                                                                will, have, give, live,




Amazing Words: Butterfly, caterpillar, cocoon, goose, gosling, reflection


Phonics: Short /Ii/ ip, it word families 



High Frequency Words-is, for, I, see, the, this, and, here, a, an, am, can, you, on, went, it, its, if, in, us, up, upon, at, off, dad, had, ran, man, ask, said, has, his, as, no, go, so, also was, saw, me, be, we, she, he, her, not, hot, got, mom, want, yes, let, red, get, ten, tell, well, but, cut, run, put ,did, sit, him, big, six, will, have, give, live,


Sentences to practice reading:  

  1. Can you see if I put my mittens on her?

  2. I want to go play in the snow. 

  3. She will want to see if we can put this hat upon his head.

  4. "It is so cold", he said. 

  5. I will sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa.  

Math:  Review week for chapters 1-6

High Frequency Words:

Religion:  Forgiveness is good

Science: Water and where does it come from?

Social Studies: Where do you live?

Homework for

   week of January 25th

Simple Solutions: lessons completed #59-62

Practice sight words!!

Timelines and Valentine’s Day cards are both DUE FEB 1st.