Mrs. Capaci

Language Arts Story: 

   Pumpkin   Jack                                               have, can      you, what                   



Amazing Words:

 Mold, generous

High Frequency Words-    

  Please also review: have, can, you, what

the, little, I, am, is, to, a, and, blue, red, here, this, an, for, this


We are working on these sentences in class.

Can you jump?

I can see the ghost.

The pumpkin is here.

Here is the little cup.

I like blue and red candy

1. I see a pumpkin.
2. My ghost is little.
3. The cat is fat.
4. This is my dog.
5. I am happy.

High Frequency Words:

Religion:  Talking to God

Science: Pumpkin activities

Homework for this week: 

Please review sight word list and sentences each night with your child.   Thank You!!!

Math Simple Solutions lessons 24-27

Language Arts Simple Solutions

Lessons 24-27