Mrs. Capaci


Language Arts Story: 




 Story: Piggie Pie

Vocabulary: cackle, lumbered

Story: Piggie Pie

Vocabulary: cackle and lumbered 

Phonics: (s blends)

Please keep reviewing past ones that we have completed.

Reviewing about contractions and compound words! 

Math: Time & Money  (days of the week, months of the year, ordering events, time of day, telling time, money)

Simple solutions 95-98

Spelling: hog, rot, hop, do, so


1. The rabbit can hop in the grass.
2. The pig loves the mud.
3.  April showers bring May flowers.
4. We love the warm sun.
5. She wants a toy so bad. 

Religion: Celebrating God's Love/ St. Theresa of Avila

Science:  Planting Seeds, Life
Social Studies- Good Citizenship 


  High Frequency Words-is, for, I, see, the, this, and, here, a, an, am, can, you, on, went, it, its, if, in, us, up, upon, at, off, dad, had, ran, man, ask, said, has, his, as, no, go, so, also was, saw, me, be, we, she, he, her, not, hot, got, mom, want, yes, let, red, get, ten, tell, well, but, cut, run, put ,did, sit, him, big, six, will, have, give, live,


High Frequency Words: