Mrs. Strish 


Great Youtube videos for letter sounds


Sentences for 2nd Quarter

The cat can see the rat.               Little Dan can look in the pan.

We like my little cat, Kim.            Kim naps with me.

Look for the little cat.                  She ran with me.

The fin is little.                              We like to look at the bat.

She can have the little bib.         The tan cab is for me.

She can bat with me.                   I sat with an ant.

Nat sat with me.                           He can sip it. 

Tip is a cat.                                    We like my little cat.
He can pass the cap.                    It is for Tip.

I have a cap for Tim.                    Tim tips the cat.

He likes the cat.                            Cam is my little cat.
 Pam can sip it.                             I like 
the maps.
I have a mat for my little cat.     We have the map.

I have my map.                             I like to tap.

We have little Pat.                        The cats can nap.
We can have a cat.                       Did Pat like the cap?
Dad can have the top.

Religion:  Growing is Good, Ch. 9

Math: Numerals 11-20, counting 11-20

Studies Weekly:   Thanksgiving

Sentences from 1st Quarter

I have 2 blue cups.

I go to a big school.

Am I a little kid?

The little red fish had fun. 

I have a mat.

I am Tam.

The mat is little.

Am I at the mat?

I am at the little mat.

The cat sat on the mat.

Is the cat on the mat?

Sam is on the mat.

I have a little cat and a little mat.

Sentences from 3rd Quarter

I have one fast raft.          

Ben is in the den.                  

We can see three drops.       

Can you tag me?                   

Two kids are with me.           

The red net is on the bed.     

Look at the four maps.          

Five masks are a lot.              

Meg will mend my dress.       

The red net is on top of the well.  

I see a grin on the pig.

The men went to get a pet.

The big dog can dig.

Len and Ken go to the pen.

I got a little flag.

Peg is my little hen.

I can ring my bell from here.

Ned will come to see me.

My pet can look here.

Tell Ted to go with you. 

Sentences from 4th Quarter

I will get a hug from mom.

What was in the cup?

She said, “Sit on the rug.”

The purple bug was big.

Jud ran to his pals.

Jud said, “We will have fun.”

Jud said, “What is the plan?”

What will they do for fun?

Bud can get a big hug.

Get Bud in the little, green tub.

What did Bud see in the blue tub?

Pam said, “The cub will run fast.”

Bud sat in the hot sun.

Gus was wet.

Wes sat in the little, blue jet.

Jem will win the red hat.

Jan had a big, yellow bag.

The blue jet is fast.

Will Jan win the green hat?

She went to the train.

Bill sat in the fast, green jet.

I see a big, brown, wet dog.

We like to see the jets.