Weekly Newsletter

Hi Parents, I hope you are having fun learning online with your child.  You will be able to see all the assignments for your child below. Thank you for being understanding during these new and uncharted times!  We miss your children already. 



Dear Parents,

   Please use the QR code we sent you for the Seesaw website.  We will be using Seesaw as our digital instruction in the event of a school closing. The code will give you the instructions necessary to access our weekly lessons. The highlighted words are the lessons we are using on Seesaw.


Week of March 15, 2020 


Language Arts:


 Monday- Introducing the letter Uu and its sound /Uu/.  Watch Storybot letter U video. .

Trace and write uppercase U on Seesaw.


 Tuesday- Trace and write lowercase u on Seesaw. 

Complete shamrock syllables worksheet on Seesaw.


Wednesday- Complete Does it start with the sound /Uu/? on Seesaw. Complete I Spy letter Letter Uu on Seesaw.




Monday- Review number 10. Using ten sticks (ex. popsicle sticks, toothpicks or Q-tips) to create designs.  Look up Optional UOl: 10 Sticks on Seesaw. 

Complete St. Patrick’s Day Graphing on Seesaw. 


Tuesday-   Introduce number 11.  Trace, Write number 11 and Complete Ten Frame on Seesaw. 

Pot of Gold numbers to 20 on Seesaw. 


Wednesday-  Number 11 worksheet on Seesaw.  

Complete Pot of Gold worksheet on Seesaw.




Monday- Introduce St. Patrick by going on Seesaw and reading  a brief history about St. Patrick’s Day. 


Tuesday-  Watch the video on the Holy Trinity.           

 Color the Holy Trinity worksheet on Seesaw.


Wednesday-  Watch the video on St. Joseph.

And color in St. Joseph coloring sheet.


Social Studies/Science:  

Germs and how to protect yourself from getting sick.

Color hand washing and germs worksheet.


Parents, here are some other websites the children might enjoy.

 ABCYA, Starfall

Epic Books  our class code is (cgt6429)