St Jude School offers the core subjects of:
            Religion, Reading, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. 

     We also offer weekly special classes of: 
            Computers, Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, Vocabulary and Spanish (6th-8th).

      We also offer two pre-Kindergarten classes.  We have a 4 year old Pre-K class 
            and a 3 year old Pre-K class.

     We offer several curriculum support clubs and activities such as: 
            Forensics Club, Academic Competitions, Science Club, PJAS (Penn. Junior Academy of Science),
            Science Days, Chess Club, On Campus Nature Trail, Band, Computer Lab, Science Lab,                              Enrichment Programs, Book Fairs,   Remedial Math or Reading,
            and Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapy. 

    St Jude School also has inter-scholastic basketball league as well as in-house
     basketball league available. We also partner with Holy Redeemer High School and offer Junior             High (grades 7 & 8) Football, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Field Hockey, Cheerleading, Ice Hockey,         Track and Field, Softball, Volleyball and Baseball.

     Parents can get involved at our school by joining the Parent Teacher Guild or the
     Sports Association.  

Parents have many opportunities to actively participate in their children's education by volunteering in our cafeteria, library, play ground, and other areas.