The current Tuition Rates for the 2019/2020 School Year are as follows:

There is NO increase if registered by March 29, 2019.  After that date there will be a $150.00 increase per student.

For             Diocesan               Other Catholic           Non-Catholic Families
1st child       $ 5,300                    $ 5,700                       $ 6,100
2nd child      $ 4,600                    $ 5,000                       $ 5,400
3rd child       $ 4,400                    $ 4,800                       $ 5,200
4th child       $ 2,125                    $ 2,125                       $ 2,725

Pre Kindergarten 4 year old 5 Day: $ 5,325
Pre Kindergarten 4 year old 3 Day: $ 3,935
Pre Kindergarten 3 year old 2 Day: $ 3,790


 PRE-K IN 2019-2020
Families with PK students are now eligible for both the early payment discount and the multiple child discount.  The early payment discount is the same as for K-12 students….$100 discount if the PK child is the first child, paying in full by July 15, 2019, and $50.00 discount  if the PK student is an additional child in the system.  The multiple child discounts are as follows:
•    5 FULL DAY PROGRAMS ….$700 discount off the PK rate if the PK student is the second child in the system, $900 discount off the PK rate if the PK student is the third child in the system.  
•    Pre-K 2/3 DAY PROGRAM……$500 discount off the PK rate if the PK student is second or third child in the system. 


Our School currently is accepting registrations.  Please contact us at (570) 474-5803 to schedule a tour, or schedule a shadowing day for your student or ask any question about enrollment. 

Parents can download the 2019/2020 Registration form by clicking the pencil: